Bay filly.

April 9, 2019.

Albertus Maximus - Aluetian Sea



Bay colt.

April 24, 2019.

Get Stormy - Adriatic Sea

Counting down for about another 2 years...

Having trained horses for flat and steeplechase racing years ago, we decided that we wanted to do it again.  We considered claiming and buying, but ultimately decided we had two very nice broodmares and were prepared to wait to re-enter that scene.

We selected stallions based on several equally important factors.  Firstly, they had to be proven racehorses with a long successful careers, because we wanted as much of that competitive spirit as we could get.  Secondly, they had to have the conformation traits that would complement the conformation of our broodmares.  Thirdly, we had to be confident that the match would produce an durable athlete that would have more options beyond racing.

So, now more than a year after making that decision, we have two beautiful foals on the ground.  Maxsea and Gust - the 't' is silent.