A short story

Nick's principle accomplishments are winning the inaugural Adelaide International Horse Trials 3-star, the inaugural Rolex Kentucky 3DE 4-star (now called 5-star) and riding for the New Zealand Equestrian Team in Australia and the WEG.

These were all with Red, a NZ thoroughbred.  

Nick has competed in eventing, show jumping and dressage, in New Zealand, Australia, the US and in Europe.

Two unusual aspects of Nick and Red's story are the Rolex 4-star winner's purchase price of about $900, and the fact that Nick took out a bank loan, boarded a plane with Red and arrived in the US with a few bags and a need to win something to pay back that loan.

Nick stepped away from competing for over a decade during which time he and his wife, Jeannie, moved to Kentucky, trained racehorses and steeplechasers and built a farm south of Lexington.

After attending the 2015 Rolex, Nick realized that he wanted to compete again, and resumed showing later that year.

He is developing a string of horses and has expectations that some will have the class for international level competition.  Regardless, he is determined to help each horse realize their potential.


In the late Summer of 2017 and Jeannie relocated from their first Kentucky farm near Richmond to their new farm in Lexington.  

The farm has been named "Wainui" after Nick's parents' farm in New Zealand, and Nick and Jeannie are currently building it out.  Wainui will provide Nick and Jeannie dramatically advanced facilities and greater opportunities to develop their horses and assist other riders with their mounts.

Coming Up...

Construction has been dramatically slowed by weather conditions, however both surfaced arenas are operational now.    The grass jumping arena is finally seeded and starting to turn green.