Design and Consulting


I do it for us, so I can do it for you...

I've always sketched out ideas for building a better widget or inventing something entirely new. In fact, I have a patent for a product I developed, and there are some interesting inventions in the barn to help with stall-walking and mucking out.

I've designed and built cross-country courses up to Advanced level, designed barn and farm layouts for people, and consulted on larger show venues and equine property developments.

I approach designing from the end-user perspective, not someone wanting to make an artistic statement that is awkward to use, or someone pushing a particular line of materials or building methods.  

There are things you only see when you spend your days working with horses in a hands-on manner.  I'm always looking for efficiency, safety and durability, and it's surprising how often you see simple things missed.

It could be making a grooming stall super safe and accommodating for the farrier, or a fencing layout that saves seconds each day, amounting to hours by years end. 

Or it could be a larger scale barn plan or complete farm master site plan.

I usually see things as a puzzle and enjoy working out the best solution.


These days there are numerous places to source reasonable jumps, and there are many builders happy to construct fences for you.  So while I build my own jumps, the design jobs for other people are typically associated with a barn or infrastructure layout.

Because of the way I work and think, I'm looking to maximize efficiency and functionality first.  It also has to be safe, and there shouldn't be any trade-off here.


This could be ongoing involvement in a major project such as a multi-disciplinary show venue, or equine property development, or just a short assessment of plans for a small barn or even a run-in shed.

Everything is just a puzzle and while there is often several solutions, there is usually one that is best for the particular situation.

So please do reach out if you want some input of the "been there, done that", and "yeah, I use it everyday" variety.