Join the ride


It takes a village...

It takes passion, commitment, expertise and resources to train and compete a horse in any discipline. It takes a talented horse and more of everything to succeed at international level competitions.

We are focused on producing and campaigning horses at the highest levels of performance.

Our partners and supporters are critical and highly valued members of the team. 


In this investment category we include full and partial ownership.  Full ownership is when you own the horse outright.  Partial ownership is when the ownership is divided between you and us.

In an ownership situation, you would be involved and participate in the entire process and career of that particular horse.  You will receive updates of progress along the way... perhaps too many updates as I do like going on about the horses.

You'll also have all the usual owner privileges at shows like standing in a heavy cold rain to watch your horse melt-down in the dressage, or deciding he doesn't like the looks of that liverpool, or getting covered in mud and sweat after a cross-country run, then drug around the barn aisles by a horse that wants to go again, and of course the authority to scoop poop out of a messy stall.  Owners also have priority to conduct the 4am feeding.


A fancy name for being responsible for a smaller part of a horse... go for the forelock and mane before anything towards the tail end.

More or less the same deal as the ownership program.  The show access will be restricted (by organizers) and likely shared between syndicate members.  Updates will be via some sort of broadcast platform... a group text or email.